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Tips for eating eggs safely and healthily

This is because eggs are a food that is high in cholesterol. People with level problems high cholesterol You should control your diet. So limit your intake and follow your doctor’s advice on eating eggs. In addition, people who have never had their blood lipids tested should have their

How are whole grains good for health?

Because whole grains are rich in many important nutrients as mentioned above. Eating grains can therefore be beneficial to various aspects of health. With some studies and scientific evidence proving the various properties of grains: 1. Reduce obesity risk Eating fiber-rich foods can help you feel

Causes of gout.

Gout is a result of Hyperuricemia a condition in which the body accumulates excessive amounts of uric acid. Until resulting in crystallization in various joints and severe joint pain and swelling and other symptoms of the disease follow: Uric acid is a chemical in the blood

Health Risks of Eating Bacon.

Bacon a type of processed meat made from pork belly Bring to marinate with salt. then cured or smoked Bacon has a salty, oily taste that many people like. It is often used as an ingredient in dishes such as sandwiches and spaghetti. But it may cause more harm

Is it safe to consume salmon?

In general, you should consume at least about 200 grams of omega-3 fish per week. Especially fatty fish like salmon. As they are rich in many beneficial nutrients. But some studies have found fish and shellfish, such as salmon, shrimp and canned tuna. Even in small amounts,

Croatia full of Modric-Perisic for World Cup.

Croatia became the latest nation to announce the 26-player squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup announced by football Qatar. Zlatko Dalic has picked up several Premier League players. That includes Spurs star Ivan Perisic and Chelsea’s Mateo Kovacic. However, Southampton defender Duje Chaleta-Sar has dropped

Lampard admitted the second Everton were different.

Everton manager Frank Lampard admits there is a big difference. When adjusting the army to send many substitutes into the field in the third round Carabao Cup football game Everton lost 4-1 to Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium on Tuesday, eliminating the Carabao Cup third round