Causes of gout.

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Gout is a result of Hyperuricemia a condition in which the body accumulates excessive amounts of uric acid. Until resulting in crystallization in various joints and severe joint pain and swelling and other symptoms of the disease follow:

Uric acid is a chemical in the blood that is obtained from the breakdown of purines in body tissues and food intake. The body will balance uric acid by filtering it from the kidneys before excreting it through urine and feces.UFABET

But when the amount of uric acid increases from the creation of the body. from eating foods that are high in purines or the kidneys have abnormalities in the filtration of purines. These mechanisms may predispose to hyperuricemia. However, the exact cause of these mechanisms is currently unknown. But found that there are many factors that are related, such as  

  • heavy alcohol use over a long period of time
  • Eating too many purine-rich foods, such as poultry, offal, vegetable shoots, anchovies or shrimp paste, sardines, mussels, yeast extracts
  • lack of vitamin C 
  • eating fruit drinking soft drinks or drinking more than the recommended amount of fructose-containing fruit juices per day
  • An illness that results in rapid changes in the body’s cells, such as severe psoriasis or certain blood disorders.
  • Certain medications that affect uric acid levels in the body include diuretics,  certain chemotherapy drugs, aspirin, and some blood pressure drugs.
  • Congenital disease or certain body conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure abnormal blood lipids Kidney dysfunction, diabetes, enzyme deficiencies bone marrow disorders abnormal vascular disease
  • Have a family member with gout