Xavi Hernandez could only console Robert Lewandowski.

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Xavi Hernandez could only console Robert Lewandowski. After the Poland international’s striker was sent off in Tuesday’s 2-1 win over Osasuna football team.

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez admits. He was frustrated with the performance of the black shirt in their 2-1 win at Osasuna. Deeming Jesus Kiel Manzano to be unfair. In particular being sent off the field during the first half hour of Robert Lewandowski’s game. According to a report from ‘Deario AS’.

Barcelona trailed early in the game thanks to a David Garcia goal in the sixth minute before Lewandowski was sent off in the 31st minute after receiving a yellow and red card. But the visiting team equalized early in the half after Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Pedri before substitute attacker Rafinha scored the winning goal for Azulgrana in the 85th minute to win 2-1. Ready to tear away from Real Madrid, add 5 points, but play more than one game UFABET 

‘We were offended. The first goal wasn’t even a corner kick. Then there was a foul. And following the dismissal of Robert (Lewandowski), it was a very unfair judgment. The black shirt decided and we couldn’t do anything.’ Xavi said.

Xavi had previously asked referees to hold a public forum to explain their decision. The 42-year-old coach of the Azul Grana team still wants the black shirt to clarify their decision once again.

‘They told me it was a 1-0 corner foul blocked and a red card, umm…my opinion doesn’t count because today the referee won’t say that. Gerard [Pique] was sent off from the field at halftime. I think today the referee should have to explain himself and say what he sees. What he whistles’