Ibrahima Konate threatens to break legs of two Real Madrid players.

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Liverpool defender Ibrahima Konate has threatened to suspend Real Madrid duo Eduardo Camavinga and Aurelien Jouameni since youth. Because when serving the agency. If you have to beat your leg to break the 16th round of the CHPL team. Don’t be angry with each other.

Gonate (23 years ), Jouameni (22 years ) and Camavinga (19 years ) are familiar faces. Because they have joined the French youth army at various levels. It’s called being close to one level.  

But when destiny had to face them in the Knockout round, who was the best, who was on the way. The ‘ Reds ‘ star kicked out 4 months in advance that there was no savings? This work is really played, really hurt, no slings , no stuntmen. UFABET

“ You have to distinguish between friends and kick game missions. Because now we are professionals, ” the defender opened his mouth during a UEFA competition.  

“ You’re going to think – this guy, my friend, let it go – that’s not it. ” 

“ We have to concentrate. And when it came time to break those legs, it had to be done . ” 

Liverpool has had a lot of resentment with Madrid in the past 5 years when they lost the final two times, namely 2018 and 2022 , or if you include the old account of trainer Carlo Ancelotti, who used to control AC Milan to defeat ‘ Reds ‘. ‘ final match 2007